In any case, I don’t like jazz … well, not unless it’s Miles or Coltrane, or Weather Report, oh yes, I forgot Mingus, Bill Evans…. I don’t like songs, either, well except those with pretty melodies that come from Italy or France. And I also don’t like Groove, drums, la dans, unless it comes from Africa, or New York, unless I hear a mix of culture, sound, voice. In short, I don’t like music … except this trio.

Franck Tortiller

Impertinance, as a novel instrumental expression? Impertinance, as a type of music that’s free of any stylistic constraints? Impertinance, as the joy of timbre, of melody, of dance? Impertinance as a spelling mistake!

Michel Godard

...difficult to do anything ugly in the Tonstudio Bauer (some of the world’s most beautiful passages of music were recorded there). Carried away this winter we were … for several days … this sacred breath … rare. Humility … simplicity … friendship … sharing … sweet palpable magic of impertinance.
You knew it even before we did… Ermanno, didn’t you?

Patrice Héral